Not The Double Pink I’m Referring To

Ok, so I thought OPKs would be super simple, but apparently it turns out I’m incapable of reading them. Maybe, just maybe, I shouldn’t have been so cheap, and I should have gotten a name brand instead of the drug store brand.

Here’s the lot of them so far:


I started on the 26th, which was the day after I stopped the Clomid. I’d read that the medication can give a false positive OPK result so I wasn’t surprised that one was so dark. I was taking them after I got home from work every day (around 5pm), but after a few days I got bored and decided I would take 2 per day so I would definitely not miss any surge. The internet says that you often get better results in the afternoon or evening, but the instructions on the ones I bought said to use first morning urine, so I have been trying both. The results have been clearly darker first thing in the morning each day that I’ve taken two tests. Shall that be attributed to dilution from drinking water in the afternoon? Hm.

These two in particular have me scrunching up my face in befuddlement:

OPK experts, are those positive or not? They are yesterday’s and today’s morning tests. For the uninitiated (Zoe?), a positive OPK result has a test line (left) that is as dark as or darker than the control line (right). What’s confusing is the ‘half-positive’ with which these are taunting me, where the leftmost side of the test line is the same shade as the control line, but the right side is less dark. The POAS OPK FAQ (damn, that’s way too many acronyms) addresses the half-positive result but not in a satisfactory way, other than to assure one that it does indeed happen.

So far there’s not enough supporting evidence to indicate ovulation or not. My temperature has been flattish between 97.60 and 97.90 and hasn’t left that range since I finished the Clomid, and my mucus is impossible to read between the effects of the medication, the lingering occasional spots of brown, and the Pre~Seed (because yes, we’re acting as though ovulation is imminent). I am feeling awfully bloaty today, though. I suppose I could just quit staring at these two strips and just wait to see if I get a thermal shift or not, or if I get any more obvious results on any tests in the coming days.


3 thoughts on “Not The Double Pink I’m Referring To

  1. OH NO! i wrote a huge long comment and then clicked a picture and now my comment is gone. dammit. Sigh. Ok: i hate the two-line opks for all the reasons you have described and photographed so very well. And i went through the same thing – i’m a pretty intelligent person, right? How hard can reading the results of one of these things be!? Right.

    That being said, it looks like to me like you may have a “fade-in” pattern happening here, where the test line gets gradually darker as ovulation approaches. That’s just going by the a.m. results. Today’s looks pretty damn close… i seem to remember getting similar lines on mine, though it was always pretty clear once it was actually positive. I’d say do just what you were going to anyway – keep testing until the line gets lighter again, and then you’ll know!

    I’m sorry it’s been such a hassle for you. Maybe you started the Clomid just a little too late, like you thought you might have? Or maybe it’s taking a while to do its thing? Either way, i think just keep using the opks until you see something that really looks positive or stops looking positive… At a *quick* glance at the photo of just the last few days, i’d say not positive quite yet?

  2. These are so frustrating! I think that “officially” these would be not quiiiite positive, but in practice, (for me) I would probably call yesterday’s a positive, because I never seem to be able to catch a clear, obvious surge. I don’t know if it’s because I drink too much water and pee too much or what.

    As long as you are BBTing you can confirm it that way, right? If either or these is positive you wouldn’t see a rise until tomorrow. It sounds like your covering your bases either way, which is great! Hoping the O mystery clears up soon!

  3. Thanks ladies. No clarification this morning though, with a new strip or with my temp. Ugh! The subjectivity of this crap just kills me!

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