Want. Daddy. Hug.

My husband and I were at the gym recently and he was sitting in the lobby, waiting for my yoga class to end.  It’s summer time, so there are tons of day-camps for children and you can hardly throw a stick in the air without hitting a toddler in the head.  As he was waiting a walking-but-barely-talking baby girl walks past him and begins to haul herself onto the couch cushion next to Mr. Zoe.  It took her a few minutes but she eventually got up there and then stood, barely a foot away and stared at him for nearly a minute.  Her mother was standing by the doors and trying to encourage her daughter to join her by saying things like “Come on, ____ it’s time to go!”  Having stared long enough, the little girl held her arms out at her sides and said softly, but clearly, “Want. Daddy. Hug.”  Mr. Zoe shot a quizzical look at the mother who responded “No, no, honey, that’s not your daddy.  YOUR daddy is at home, so let’s go!”  (It should be noted that Mr. Zoe was perfectly willing to give the little girl a hug, but he didn’t want to do anything inappropriate especially since this was a case of mistaken identity).  Satisfied, she toddled off and the mother explained that her husband also has a shaved head and a 3 day old beard.

I just thought this was the most adorable thing ever.


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