My doctor had to cancel all of his afternoon appointments today for an emergency surgery.  They offered to reschedule me for 11 this morning, but I did not take it.  1) I was in a meeting at work that I’d had a very hard time getting scheduled; and 2) I didn’t want to be the last thing the doctor had to rush through before heading out to surgery.  My appointment will be next Wednesday morning instead.

Yes, if it were my emergency surgery, of course I would expect the doctor to cancel all of his regular appointments.  Also, I guess it is somewhat good to have a few extra days to see whether the spotting that started Tuesday progresses normally into a regular period in a reasonable amount of time, or if it will be another marathon bout of bleeding like last month.  So I’m trying to not be all scowly and bitter about it…  But I first attempted to visit my OB/GYN in APRIL and I’m pretty aggravated by all the waiting around.  If there’s something I could be doing to make things work better, I would really like to be doing it already.

I’ll let this angry baby express how I’m feeling.  (I am not allowed to throw tantrums, but the angry baby can do it for me.)

angry baby

Photo by davef3138 via Flickr's Creative Commons


4 thoughts on “Bumped

  1. How annoying! I would totally be throwing a tantrum, especially after getting mentally ready for the appointment. At least Wednesday isn’t too far away. And I think your point about not being the last thing before the doc rushes off to surgery is a good one.

  2. that is one upset baby – definitely margarita time! I really am sorry, this must be so frustrating for you. Just one more thing to wait around for, right? Well, hopefully they can give you some satisfactory answers that will make it all worth it. And i’ll do a little foot-stomping over here for you (no one said you have to have adult friends, right?).

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