Add It All Up, And The Answer Is … ?

My OB/GYN appointment is tomorrow afternoon, so I’ve been going back through my charts from the last five cycles so I can refresh my memory and tell the doctor everything pertinent.  I’m sure if I just handed him a stack of paper, he would give me one of those raised-eyebrow looks, clip my pages to his clipboard, and change the subject.  I haven’t even met the guy yet, and I already know he’ll think I’m a lunatic.  Anyway, as long as I’m preparing a synopsis on the drama of my uterus, I figured I’ll share it here, too.

Warning!  Menstrual descriptions ahead.  In fact, anyone who follows this blog is under no obligation to read this post.  It’s mostly for my own benefit, and possibly for anybody who is Googling her own symptoms and happens to find me.  (To that person, sorry I don’t have any answers or reassurance for you…)

Current cycle, 6/12 – present (33 days and counting). Period was 6/12-6/16, flow was normal.  Had spotting for a full week before and eleven days after, which was mostly brown but some pink, and included some small bits of more solid material the few days before it ended.  I couldn’t discern ovulation and suspect it didn’t happen, but I was only charting temperature and not other signs this month.  Also, I was traveling for those two weeks, which may have had an impact.  Pink and then brown spotting returned as of yesterday, so my next period should start any time.

Cycle 5/5-6/11 (38 days). Period was 5/5-5/9, flow was unusually heavy.  Had spotting one day before and two days after.  I suspected ovulation on CD17, and had a BBT dip and then rise as well as red spotting that day and fertile mucus the several days leading up to it.  The BBT rise, however, was not sustained, and I had more spotting just 3 days later.  I had cramps and felt very fatigued at the end of the cycle, and I had two negative HPTs (and that one defective one).  Note that I was sick with cough and sinus issues around 5/16 through 5/20.

Cycle 3/26-5/4 (40 days). Period was 3/26-3/29, flow was on the light side of normal.  Had spotting four days before and 3 days after.  I had a BBT dip / spike / second dip pattern on CD 15-17, with watery mucus that whole week, before a sustained rise – so I presumed ovulation probably on CD17 but possibly CD15.  There was a later dip, which I thought might be implantation, followed by even higher sustained temperatures for the duration of the cycle, suggesting a triphasic chart.  I had construed pregnancy symptoms starting around CD24 and continuing the rest of the cycle: cramps, minor nausea, backache, fatigue, nipple sensitivity.  I took five HPTs, all negative.  Note that I traveled 4/14-4/20 and had a minor UTI around those same dates.

Cycle 2/28-3/25 (26 days). Period was 2/28-3/4, flow was normal.  Had spotting two days before, one day after.  Ovulation appeared to be CD17, and I had a headache on CD16 and cramps on CD17.  Also had watery/slippery mucus for several days prior.  This was the most “normal” looking cycle with the clearest biphasic pattern.  Did have a short luteal phase, at only 9 days.  Got overexcited by cramps and nausea and had one negative HPT.

Cycle 2/1-2/27 (27 days). Period was 2/1-2/4, flow was normal.  Had spotting two days after, did not record how many days before (if any).  Ovulation was probably on day 16, with watery but never eggwhite-ish mucus.  This would have been an eleven day luteal phase.

November-January. I charted on Fertility Friend and didn’t transfer my data over before I got rid of my FF account.  Essentially, I stopped taking birth control at the end of a cycle, so after that final Pill-period, I went about seven weeks with no period, and then had about three weeks of constant light bleeding/spotting.  I couldn’t detect ovulation at any point during this time.

So, I’ve had short luteal phase cycles and then very long, probably anovulatory cycles, and several-week stretches of bleeding.  I am reasonably positive that there’s something amiss with my hormones, but the cause or severity of the problem would only be speculation.  The periods themselves haven’t been excessively painful, or long, or heavy (except for that one), which is comforting, I guess.  Still (despite how convinced I was at the end of April), I have been having well-timed unprotected sex for nearly 8 months and have not successfully conceived.  Needless to say, I’m pretty anxious to hear what the doctor thinks tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Add It All Up, And The Answer Is … ?

  1. Yeah, I’m anxious to hear about this too. (I haven’t forgotten that your appt. is tomorrow).

    And I don’t think the doctor will think you’re crazy. I think he would be pleasantly surprised to have concrete information on paper. It will make his life easier. Print this and take it to him.

  2. i totally agree: bring records! when i go to the doctor and the nurse asks me when my last period was and i tell her exactly, she’s always really surprised and impressed because no one ever knows… they’ll appreciate a detailed history! and i, too, am anxious to hear what the doc says. I’m sure there’s nothing at all out of the ordinary, but hearing that from a medical professional when reproduction is on the line is always nice!

  3. Ok, I was planning to bring this information, which is why I put it together. What I wasn’t going to do is give him a pile of Excel charts and expect him to read it in tabulated format. Narrative = better, right?

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