My Mom Is A Metaphorical Umbrella

That is, she’s getting me out of a shower.

My pregnant friend J (different from J&M) is having a couples’ shower this Saturday.  Since my parents decided at the last minute that they are coming up for a visit this weekend, I am awarded a good excuse to not go.  A better excuse than bitter seething jealousy.  Right now, I’m relatively at peace and in principle her being pregnant doesn’t get me all flared up; however, coveting all of the gifts and love and happiness and baby shower ephemera – that’s still substantially envy-inducing.

Hubs is also relieved.  He didn’t really like the idea of a couples’ shower to begin with.

Of course, since it was a pretty late cancellation, I already arranged gifts.  Baby t-shirts (this and this) and a knitted toy (I still need to sew on a couple of parts and weave in the ends, and then you may see a picture).  The shirts came in the mail yesterday and they are SO STINKIN’ CUTE it made me a little queasy.  I experienced a brief but powerful need to fold them up and stick them in a closet and, um, keep them for myself.  (I think I need to come up with a name for the personality that takes over at times like this…..)

That compulsion did pass, but it’s pretty important that the tiny adorable shirts get out of my house quickly or else it might resurface.

While I’m on the subject of showers: the last one I went to, Z’s – she had her baby two weeks ago, and I just found out yesterday.  (Both she and J are sort of friends through Hubs’ work, so we’re not particularly close.  Close enough to solicit gifts via shower invitation, but not close enough for birth announcements.)  When the baby was born, she wasn’t breathing, and she had to be airlifted to another hospital.  She’s fine now, apparently, but – wow, how terrifying!


3 thoughts on “My Mom Is A Metaphorical Umbrella

  1. Dude, I’m glad you got out of that shower. Also, that is totally scary! How awful for the baby’s parents.

  2. i weasled out of a shower last month, myself. i mean, i could have gone and been totally normal and not have had a psychotic breakdown and all that… but why risk that for myself and everyone else?! i think it’s wise, knowing your limits and when you just need to buckle down and protect yourself. yay for moms for doctor’s notes from life! and definitely glad to hear that things turned out ok for your friend and baby. Agreed – terrifying.

  3. It’s sort of funny, my mom wasn’t intentionally trying to get me out of the shower – in fact, our families don’t know that we’re trying for a baby, so she has no idea what a closet crazy person I am these days. And when I mentioned to her that their visit meant I needed to excuse myself from the shower, she offered to go with me instead. And I was like, “No that’s really ok.”

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